Hot Shots Tennis Coaching @ Burleigh Heads

Following is a short snippet of the Hot Shots Tennis Coaching @ Burleigh Heads State School and some of the reasons behind it. Hot Shots is based on a learning through play philosophy.

Why Hot Shots Tennis?

Hot Shots

Hot Shots is for 3-11+ year olds. It has specially designed balls, nets and racquets as well as a program that is designed for young people to develop at their own pace in a fun, safe and supportive environment.

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The Hot Shot stages range from Blue to Red to Orange to Green (see the detailed outline of each stage below).

What are the Benefits of Hot Shots?

There are many benefits of Hot Shots, including –

  • Learning through play-based activities,
  • Modified tennis balls are softer, bounce lower and travel slower through the air, which helps with better control and developing correct stroke technique,
  • Enhancing social skills by making new friends and having fun in a group environment,
  • Developing physical capabilities – including strength, co-ordination, speed and agility, and
  • Supporting young people’s mental development by growing self-confidence, tactical play and developing the ability to receive feedback.

      What Are the Hot Shots Stages?

      The Hot Shots stages range from Blue to Red to Orange to Green. Each stage is outlined below…

      Red Ball

      • The Red Ball is 25% compression of Yellow Ball
      • Court Size – 11m x 5.5 wide for Singles and Doubles
      • Net Height – 67-80cm
      • 21 or 23 inch Tennis Racquets

      Orange Ball

      • The Orange Ball is 50% compression of Yellow Ball
      • Court Size – 18.29m long x 6.4m wide for Singles and 18.29m long x 8.22m wide for Doubles
      • Net Height – lowered to 80cm
      • 23 or 25 inch Tennis Racquets

      Green Ball

      • The Green Ball is 75% compression of Yellow Ball
      • Court Size – standard court size
      • Net Height – standard height
      • 25 to 27 inch Tennis Racquets

      What Are the Competencies for the Hot Shots Stages?

      There are 6 different competency levels for Hot Shots. They are Red Ball – Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3, Orange Ball Stage 1 and Stage 2 and Green Ball.

      As a guide, following are 3 examples of the Hot Shots Compentency stages. It is advisable that students are competent in the Green Ball competencies before moving to Yellow Ball…

      Red Ball Stage 1
      Orange Ball Stage 1
      Green Ball

      Current Hot Shots Lessons –

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