Self-Regulation for Co-Regulation

Welcome to Sport Life Flow where we support athletes’ develop skills and tools to manage excessive stress, enhance resilience and performance, whilst navigating the flow of sport and life in an uncertain and changing world. 

Why Self-Regulation?

Self-Regulation has been linked to many aspects of life today and sport is no different. Research has shown that self-regulation practices can help before, during and after performance as well as help foster resilience. However, what is self-regulation? Self-regulation is the –

“…ability to manage your own energy states, emotions, behaviours and attention, in ways that are socially acceptable and help achieve positive goals, such as maintaining good relationships, learning and maintaining wellbeing,” ~ Stuart Shanker,

 “…control that students (people) have over their cognition, behaviour, emotions and motivation through the use of personal strategies to achieve the goals they have established ’ ~ Ernesto Panadero1 and Jesús Alonso-Tapia,, and

…conscious and non-conscious processes by which people regulate their thoughts, emotions, attention, behaviour, and impulses. People generate thoughts, feelings and actions and adapt those to the attainment of personal goals.” Mark Pettinelli.

We know within sport – there are many challenges faced, so do you think it would be useful to develop your self-regulation skills so you can meet the challenges presented in our uniquely complex, uncertain and changing world?

Self-Regulation for Co-Regulation is for adults athletes or parents/guardians. We know one of the keys to life is regulating our selves and being present. Yes, this can be challenging given the many hats we wear in life (from athlete to competitor to worker/business owner to friend and family member).

On the surface, it can appear ignore or easier to bolt when challenges arise (don’t worry I have done that many times), however in the long run it doesn’t work. This is why we are going to continually practice coming back to focus on yourself, so you can continue to enhance resilience, perform to your ability and be a well-being.

Specifically it is for the athlete (aged 18 years and older) / parent and/or guardian who is –

  • ready to meet sporting challenges with greater attention and courage,
  • wants to learn to ways to regulate their emotions more effectively,
  • finds oneself being overly critical and wants to learn to be kinder to themselves,
  • have tried lots of ways to manage stress and are ready to look at other ways to cope and enhance resilience,
  • wants to discover other skills to manage injuries and pressure within sport (and school / life),
  • build a grounded sense of self-confidence and self-worth, and
  • wants to keep growing and learning.

Essentially this 4-week course is about helping you learn to self-regulate better, so you can increase connections and co-regulate with the people in your world.

The Specific Learning Objectives are identified below –

Self-regulation is a practise and involves learning skills. It is a simple (although not always easy). It’s simple because it is essentially about identifying what’s happening in the present moment (i.e. feelings / emotions, sensations, actions and thoughts) with curiosity and awareness and then responding with awareness. It’s powerful because it can interrupt the habit of getting lost in thoughts by overthinking (mostly about the future or past), which often generates more stress on top of the current pressures of sport and everyday life. 

The learning objectives for this course include learning how to –

  • Support you in listening to your whole self,
  • Focus on what you have control over and how to respond to situations,
  • Discover your inner supportive coach (rather than the one who judges),
  • Identify different self-regulation practises for before, during and after your sports performance,
  • Ways to better handle stress and pressure and deal with challenges and setbacks with courage and attention, and
  • Apply self-regulation practises in to sport and life.

Self-Regulation for Co-Regulation: Supporting You to Foster Resilience and Enhance Performance in Sport and Life is broken down in to the following –

Week 1: Owning Your Arena – Reframing Behaviour
Week 2: Untangling Behaviour – Working With Your Whole Self
Week 3: Untangling Stress – Meeting Life’s Challenges with a Response
Week 4: Being Here Now – Taking in the Good and Learning to Accept Your Self

At the end of each weeks lesson, athletes will be given some home play to practise and train their self-regulation skills.

Inclusions –

Self-Regulation for Co-Regulation includes the following –

1. 4 x 60-Minute Live Online (Un)Learning Circles

Each week we have a 60-minute online (un)learning circle. The circle will be interactive and include evidence-based self-regulation practises and tools.

2. Access to the Online (Un)Learning Hub

Whilst you are completing the Toolkit, you will have access to the online (un)learning hub. All of the topics, practises and resources will be housed under there for ease of use.

3. Unlimited E-mail or Chat

If you have a question outside the circles, we have it sorted! With unlimited e-mail support and a group chat, you can ask as many questions as you like 🙂

Upcoming Dates –

The upcoming dates for Self-Regulation for Co-Regulation is as follows –

Dates – January 10, 17, 24 and 31, 2023

Time – 6.00pm-7.00pm QLD Time, so 7pm NSW Time.

Where – Online via Zoom

Cost – $147 (AUD)

N.B. If this time or date doesn’t work or you would like another time during the day in the school holidays, please contact us here.

Q. How Long Do I Have Access to Self-Regulation for Co-Regulation for?

A. You have access to the “Self-Regulation for Co-Reulation (Un)Learning Hub for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Q. How Will Self-Regulation Help Me With My Sport?

A. Great question! There are many benefits to self-regulation as an athlete in sport and life. Please contact us here, so we can send you some research.

Q. More Questions?

A. Please just Contact Us and we would be happy to answer them.

Q. I Am Not Very Technical, Can I Still Participate?

A. Mmm – are you sure? If so, don’t worry, I know technology can be challenging and frustrating, so I have made it simple and easy to participate.
Do you currently have –
an e-mail account?
access to Zoom?
access to a reasonable internet connection?
Also – parents will be sent a link for another group on a private messenger app.
Yes – Great! You will be able to participate in “Self-Regulation for Co-Regulation”!

Q. Can Self-Regulation for Co-Regulation be Completed in 1-to-1 Sessions?

A. Thanks for the question, yes we can and please contact us here so we can discuss your requirements.

Q. What Currency is Self-Regulation for Co-Regulation Priced in?

A. “Self-Regulation for Co-Regulation is offered in Australian (AUD) currency.
PayPal or Stripe will convert the payment to your currency. At 2/1/22 the $AUD was equivalent to .71USD. You can convert here  to your own currency.

Q. Is Self-Regulation for for Co-Regulation Counselling or Psychotherapy?

A. No, it is not.
“Self-Regulation for for Co-Regulation is an educational course, not treatment for any physical or mental health condition. It is about YOU developing awareness about your own sport and life situation. Participants in the course take responsibility for their own experience and choose the self-regulation practises that work best for them.

Q. Do You Offer Refunds?

A. No – all sales are final on digital products and programs. We do not offer refunds.

Q. More Questions?

A. Please just Contact Us and we would be happy to answer them.

Q. Are Scholarships Available?

A. Yes. Each time we run the Self-Regulation for Co-Regulation we will be gifting a scholarship. If this interests you, please contact us here and we will forward you the Scholarship Application form.

Q. What Age is Self-Regulation for for Co-Regulation Aimed at?

A. “Self-Regulation for Co-Regulation” is aimed at the adult athlete and/or parent / guardian and/or coach of an adolescent. If parents’ are interested in being involved with an athlete outside of this age range, please contact us here.

Q. We Can’t Make this Round, Will You Be Running it Again?

A. Yes we will be. Please contact us and let us know the following –
– Name,
– Your sport,
– Preferred day, and
– Preferred time (please use QLD Australia time).
Also – if you have any questions, please let us know also.

Q. Can You Run Self-Regulation for Co-Regulation for the Athlete’s I Coach?

A. Yes of course we can. Please just contact us here and let us know the details. For example – time, number of athletes, location and dates. Then we can organise it from there.

Q. Do You Run Sessions for Coaches?

A. Yes we do. We run a 4-Week and 8-Week course. Please contact us and we can let you know more here. You are also welcome to join this course as well.

About Jane – the Facilitator

Jane Taylor (M.EdSt) is a former Professional Athlete, Registered P-12 Teacher (since 2002), High Performance Coach with Tennis Australia and ICF PCC Coach who is committed to supporting people change the way they see themselves and helping by “(Un)Learning, so You Can Reconnect and Engage With Your Innate Potential and BE Whole-Heartedly YOU… One Habit at a Time!”, so we can connect with life authentically and live in peace and harmony.

Jane has been lucky enough to work and support over 33000 adults in leadership, coaching, education, emotional intelligence, mindfulness meditation, self-compassion, mental health promotion and prevention and organisational wellbeing and many thousands of students and young people within sport and education.

Since retiring as a Professional athlete, going to university to become a health and physical education teacher, working in a National Mental Health and Wellbeing initiative and then starting the adventure of mindfulness in 2008 and later self-compassion, I have had a number of athletes (past and present), parents and coaches ask me about the tools I use with clients and the ones I know that would have been beneficial growing up in elite and then professional sport. So I decided to create the “Self-Regulation for the Adolescent Athlete” after years of learning or maybe it is better said unlearning using a variety of self-regulation tools and practises. This is one of the courses, I wish I had as a professional athlete.