Ready to Reconnect With All Areas of Your Life – Not Just Sport?

Sport can be challenging, especially when your livelihood depends on your performances. However, as an athlete you are more than your sport and are a human being first. Subsequently, today I wanted to share with you a way to start to reconnect with all areas of your life beyond elite sport.

Identifying Your Areas of Life…

What are the areas that make up your life? Over time, I have created 12 areas that I focus on. They are 1. Career / Business, 2. Confidence / Emotional Awareness, 3. Giving / Contribution / Community, 4. Family / Friends, 5. Health / Body / Movement, 6. Intimate Relationship, 7. Leisure / Fun, 8. Money / Finances, 9. Personal Growth, 10. Self-Management, 11. Living Space / Physical Environment, and 12. Travel / Holidays.

What are your areas of life? Are they something similar or different? Either way, is all good as it is your life. 

Developing Awareness

Now you have identified the areas of your life, you can develop some awareness on your satisfaction level with where you are in relation to each area of your life. You may even like to draw a wheel like the one below (however I have created a worksheet for you below).

If you like, you can use the rating scale – 1 represents not satisfied and 10 represents 100% satisfied and happy in that area. Then you can connect the dots like the example below.

Remember there are no right or wrong answers – this is a guide to develop awareness and find out where you are at in relation to your satisfaction levels for your life at the present time!


Next Step…

Once you have completed your Wheel of Life, you can then decide which area/s needs the most attention and start where you are. Then if you choose to, you can take steps towards living in greater harmony and holistically for your whole-self.

How Will You Reconnect With All Areas of Your Life?

I hope this post has given you some guidance on how to start reconnecting with all areas of your life and start moving towards your dreams! Remember, tiny tweaks everyday will take you there 🙂 And remember you can download the worksheet here. Any questions, please write them below!

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