Core Values Coaching Session

Feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward in your life?

Unsure of your values or virtues in your sport and / or wholistic life?

Yet how can you create a life you love, if you don’t know who you truly are and what is important for you in your sport and wholistic life?

The Core Values Coaching Session supports athletes to plan and manage their life beyond elite sport with clarity, confidence, compassion and connection.

As a former professional tennis player (my best performance was reaching 3rd Round of Australian Open Single event in 1994) and also certified High Performance Coach with Tennis Australia, this topic is close to my heart.

I wish I had the skills and knowledge I have now on mental health and wellbeing when I was playing tennis. However, in saying that, I now know that is why I have this experience – to share with other athletes and coaches.

Being able to know yourself outside of elite sport and manage your life effectively is just as important as the technical, tactical, mental and physical side within sport. At Sport Life Flow we support you to wholistically look at your life, so you can make your transition outside of sport with greater ease.

Our Coe Values Coaching Session is based on research and can help athletes align to their core values whole life, whilst they are still competing and / or also moving towards the end of their career.

Specifically it is for the athlete who is –

  • ready to start the process of seeing how their sporting skills translate in to their life beyond elite sport,
  • wants to discover how they are are more than their sports identify and their self-worth is non-negotiable (not based on their sporting achievements),
  • finds oneself being overly critical and wants to learn to be kinder to themselves,
  • have tried lots of ways to manage stress and are ready to look at other ways to cope and enhance resilience,
  • wants to discover other skills to manage injuries and pressure within sport,
  • build a grounded sense of self-confidence and self-worth, and
  • wants to keep growing and learning.

Once you have decided to have a Core Values Coaching Session, the process is as follows –

  • Click on the button below,
  • Choose your time zone and then choose a suitable time for your Core Values Session,
  • You will be taken directly to a link with a form and a variety of questions, so we can make the most of our time together,
  • Pay for your 90-Minute Core Values Session,
  • Complete the preparation activities prior to our session (based on core values),
  • You will then call (or Zoom) me on the scheduled time and day with your values, virtues and vision and we will then work together so you identify what is truly holding you back and identify your next step/s, and
  • After the session, I’ll send you a link to the MP3 of the session so you can reflect on the session in your own time. (N.B. – this is only available on Zoom sessions).

Inclusions –

The Core Values Coaching Session includes the following –

1. 1 x 90-Minute Core Values Coaching Session

You receive a 90-minute Core Values Coaching Session with Jane. This session will also be recorded, so you can listen to it later if you choose to.

2. Access to the Online (Un)Learning Hub

Prior to completing your Core Values Coaching session, you will have access to the (Un)Learning Hub. In the hub you will have access to some extra tools and resources.

Join Jane for a Core Values Session

Prior to the 90-Minute Core Values Session, you will be given the opportunity to discover your core values, virtues and idea of a whole-hearted life (including your work / business). During our time together, we will shed light on anything that could be holding you back (i.e your limiting beliefs or fears) from taking the steps forward in your professional and/or personal life.

You will then be given the opportunity to identify what needs to be let-go of right now (i.e. any self-sabotaging behaviours), so you feel more aligned to your idea of a whole-hearted life. Then identify steps you can take to stay focused and move forward!

Does this sound like you? If so, please click on the following link…

Q. What Currency is the Core Values Session Offered in?

A. Core Values Sessions are offered in Australian (AUD) currency.

Q. Can I Add Another Coaching Session On?

A. Yes of course you can, that is totally up to you.

Q. How Much Work Is Involved in the (Un)Learning Hub?

A. The information in the (un)learning hub is designed to help you discover your Core Values. It is suggested you read the information before the Coaching Session, however that is totally up to you.

Q. More Questions?

A. Please just Contact Us and we would be happy to answer them.

Q. I Am Not Very Technical, Can I Still Have a Core Values Session?

A. Mmm – are you sure? If so, don’t worry, I know technology can be challenging and frustrating, so I have made it simple and easy to participate. Do you currently have –
– an e-mail account?
– access to Zoom?
– access to a reasonable internet connection?
Yes – Great! You will be able to have a Core Values Coaching Session.

Q. Can You Run this for Our Sports Team?

A. Yes of course we can. Please just contact us here and let us know the details. For example – time, number of athletes, location and dates. Then we can organise it from there.

Q. Do You Run Core Values Sessions for Coaches?

A. Yes we do. Please contact us and we can let you know more here.

About Jane – the Coach

Jane Taylor (M.EdSt) is a former Professional Athlete, Registered P-12 Teacher (since 2002), High Performance Coach with Tennis Australia and ICF PCC Coach who is committed to supporting people change the way they see themselves and helping by “(Un)Learning, so You Can Reconnect and Engage With Your Innate Potential and BE Whole-Heartedly YOU… One Habit at a Time!”, so we can connect with life authentically and live in peace and harmony. She is a Trained Teacher in Mindful Self-Compassion and has been practising mindfulness since 2008.

Jane has been lucky enough to work and support over 31500 adults in leadership, coaching, education, emotional intelligence, mindfulness meditation, self-compassion, mental health promotion and prevention and organisational wellbeing and many thousands of students and young people within sport and education.

Since retiring as a Professional athlete, going to university to become a health and physical education teacher, working in a National Mental Health and Wellbeing initiative and then starting the adventure of mindfulness in 2008 and later self-compassion, I have had a number of athletes (past and present), parents and coaches ask me about the tools I use with clients and the ones I know that would have been beneficial growing up in elite and then professional sport. So I decided to create the “Adolescent Athlete’s Well-Being Toolkit” after years of learning or maybe it is better said unlearning using the tools of mindfulness and self-compassion. This is the toolkit I wish I had as a professional athlete.